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The Ultimate Platform For Healthcare Marketers.

Lasso is the most powerful system for healthcare marketers who require seamless planning, activation, and measurement.

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You might say we’re the Swiss Army Knife of healthcare marketing.

The first and only platform that allows you to plan, activate, and measure campaigns across programmatic, email, social, and connected TV — all in one place. That’s time and money in the bank.

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active reach

Lasso is the undisputed heavyweight champion of active reach.

Of course we can match 99% of HCPs on an NPI target list, that’s table stakes. Lasso actually reaches more HCPs and consumers with messaging than any other platform — an average of 80% from your NPI list, compared to the industry average of 55%.

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Real-time insights and physician-level data are free and baked fresh daily.

Real-time insights and physician-level data are free and baked fresh daily.

We provide daily physician-level reporting with unparalleled depth on every HCP campaign at no additional cost. More data fields, in any format, anytime you want, built directly into the platform.

Up your data game today

Ready for the mic drop? Lasso’s CPM for an NPI target list buy is typically 50% less than our competitors.

With our modern technology and in-house engineering expertise, we don’t need to rely upon expensive vendors for data services and, instead of inflating our margins, we pass that savings to you. As a result, our average CPM is about half of our competitors.

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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Wayne Gretzky
We know winning isn’t everything, but it sure beats coming in second.
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